Do you know that a huge number of Christmas trees sold in the UK come from commercial tree producers in Denmark and Germany? In contrast, Northumberland Christmas Trees only sells trees that we have grown ourselves in Northumberland.

– We pride ourselves on our environmentally responsible ways
– We replant two trees for every tree we sell direct from this website
– We’re a family run business established for over 30 years that employs local people

Our core principle has always been balancing our own economic growth with environmental sustainability. We do this by working in synergy with the local ecosystem as well as encouraging biodiversity.

We do not harm wildlife in the plantation even when it is fond of eating our trees – the odd deer that makes it over the fences, for example. 

Our real Christmas trees are a renewable resource and benefit the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing clean oxygen. Our trees are biodegradable and have a very small associated carbon footprint thanks to being grown locally.

Our plantation encourages bio-diversity by stabilising the soil, protecting the water supply and providing refuge for wildlife, whilst also creating scenic green belts. We also plant fruit trees to help reduce pests and diseases.

We deliver a maximum of 35 miles away from our Christmas tree plantation. We group deliveries geographically, so that we can minimise the time on the road. 

From the start, we have challenged ourselves with working practices that support long term environmental sustainability. We will continue to aim high.

This is our pledge to our customers, to our community, and to ourselves.