Both the Nordman Fir and Norway Spruce are beautiful trees, but we’d recommend later purchase times for a spruce. If you want to have your Norway Spruce looking its best at Christmas then choose a delivery day from mid-December.

Why is this? The needle retention on a Norway Spruce is not as good as on a Nordman Fir. However, they still make a great value tree: our prices for a spruce start at just £38 with free delivery whilst the same size Nordman is £48.    

Top tips for caring for your Norway Spruce (applicable to any real tree):

  1. Buy fresh and local.
  1. Keep away from heat as that will really speed up needle loss. If it needs to sit beside a radiator then we’d suggest turning the radiator off for the duration. 
  1. Just like a bouquet of cut flowers, your tree needs water to keep looking its best. We’d recommend using a stand that will take water and giving your tree a daily drink.


Our Christmas tree plantation in Northumberland