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Family-owned and operated, we specialise in supplying you with the best quality, local Christmas Tree.

For over 30 years, we’ve been supplying Christmas trees throughout Northumberland. With customers who have bought a tree from us for everyone of those years, we are trusted by many to provide the centrepiece of their Christmas Festivities.

When you buy from Northumberland Christmas Trees, you are purchasing direct from the grower. We locally grow each tree, hand cut them, and personally deliver them to your doorstep.

The heart of Northumberland Christmas trees is our plantation.  With a coastal location it benefits from a mild climate year round which enables our trees to grow in optimum conditions and develop the characteristics of high quality trees.  

Ours trees are hand felled by our professional team minimising the impact on surrounding flora and fauna.

We work with local people providing employment in rural Northumberland throughout the year.

By buying your tree from Northumberland Christmas Trees you are making a quality and sustainable choice; minimising transportation costs, increasing the number of trees planted locally, guaranteeing a freshly cut tree and supporting local employment and the rural Northumberland economy.

We provide hassle free, quality, fresh Christmas trees so that you can focus on the enjoyment of the Christmas build-up.

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How it Works

1 Choose your tree size and type

2 Order online and choose your delivery date

3 Enjoy the build-up to Christmas whilst we hand cut and personally deliver your perfect tree

4 Enjoy Christmas

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A family run Business

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northumberland Christmas trees

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